Dynamically enhanced portable structured water system

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Swimming Pools and Jacuzzi’s

We all would like to be able to swim in our pools and soak in our Jacuzzis in water that is a clean and fresh as a mountain stream. Of course the reality of this is up to now we have had to add toxic chemicals like chlorine to our water to make it safe to swim or soak in for any length of time.

When your water has been structured with structured water for life dynamically enhanced commercial system the water in your swimming pool or Jacuzzi will be as close to natural spring water as you can get. You can reduce the amount of chlorine you use by more than half.

It is wonderful for children swimming or any one that likes to swim with their  eyes open.  No more itchy skin  from too much chlorine in the water . Your skin and hair will  receive the moisture of the water instead of the harsh chemicals that dry it out and you can spend more time enjoying your pool and Jacuzzi .